How to calculate profit for metals, oil, indices trades not in pips

I get confused with my profit and loss because metals, oil, indices are in ticks / points

Besides trading currency pairs, our students also use Tflow® Forex Strategy to trade metals Gold and Silver as well as Oil and Indices.

Gold, Silver & Oil are especially popular. However the calculation for their movement and profit are slightly different since their movement is expressed in ticks or points. See tables below.


Calculating ticks for Gold, Silver & Oil

Gold (XAUUSD)1330.00moves to1330.10=1 tick
Silver (XAGUSD)21.000moves to21.010=2 ticks
Oil (WTI)101.00moves to101.01=1 tick


Calculating profit for Gold, Silver & Oil

Contract SizeStart PriceEnd PriceProfit
Gold (XAUUSD)Micro (0.01)1330.00moves 1 tick to1330.10USD0.10
Mini (0.10)1330.00moves 1 tick to1330.10USD1.00
Standard (1.00)1330.00moves 1 tick to1330.10USD10.00
Silver (XAGUSD)Micro (0.01)21.000moves 2 ticks to21.010USD0.50
Mini (0.10)21.000moves 2 ticks to21.010USD5.00
Standard (1.00)21.000moves 2 ticks to21.010USD50.00
Oil (WTI)Micro (0.01)101.00moves 10 ticks to101.10USD1.00
Mini (0.10)101.00moves 10 ticks to101.10USD10.00
Standard (1.00)101.00moves 10 ticks to101.10USD100.00


We also trade stock market indices. For stock market indices, movement will be measured in points instead of pips. Although there are  a number of indices we trade, the calculation are the same. Table below shows two examples.


Stock Indices points & profit calculation

Contract SizeStart PriceEnd PricePointsProfit
DJ30Min. 1 Standard1567.00moves to1568.001 PointUSD1.00
FT100Min. 1 Standard6420.00moves to64211 PointGBP1.00
  •  Note that for indices, profit and loss is calculated in the base currency of index’s country of origin.
    • HKI (Hang Seng Index) is calculated in HKD
    • FT100  is calculated in GBP
    • SPI is calculated in AUD
    • DJ30 is calculated in USD
    • S&P is calculated in USD
    • DAX30 is calculated in EUR
    • CAC40 is calculated in EUR


3 point guide to Gold, Silver, Oil & Indices

  • Gold and Oil are 10 times the size of regular currency pairs.
  • Silver is 50 times the size of regular currency pairs.
  • You need a standard lot to trade indices in return for mini lot profit & loss.
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