Which timeframe is the best to trade forex – illustrating EURCAD, GBPCAD and CADCHF

Many occasions, students asked: which timeframe (H1 or H4) is a better trigger?

Why is there a question on which timeframe is a better trigger?

– if trigger on H1, it is seen to be faster and thus might get a better price or have a tighter stop

– if trigger on H4, it is slower (in 75%) of the time, thus might not have a better price which might result in a wider stop loss

The answer?

I have no best answer here. Sometimes when I trigger on H1, I don’t get a better price than a H4 trigger.

Sometimes when I trigger on H4, price travels too far away from trigger point resulting in a wide stop and I don’t get to open position.

However, I always insist on a few steps:

1. In a counter trend, always a H4 trigger

2. If a H4 trigger is just 1.5 hour away, then I will also do a H4 trigger. Example, if time now is 7.30pm, a H1 trigger is 8pm, while a H4 trigger is 9pm. Then I will always do a H4 trigger

3. If i’m so keen about a trade and MUST trade it, then 30% of position goes to H1 trigger, remaining to H4 trigger

4. All else fail, I will trigger on H1 then see that I’m wrong for the moment, chop my fingers and swear that I won’t do it the next time

Let me illustrate this on on EURCAD


11 sep eurcad chart 1

Big Picture planning shows resisted by trend line


11 sep eurcad chart 2

Price has WR many supports provided by previous highs

11 sep eurcad chart 3

Bearish expansion in H4 boxes. On said level, price triggered in H1 but not H4

If look left, the H4 trigger is important because 13685 was an immediate support 4 weeks ago. If triggered early, the only way is to keep stop loss tight and stringent.


CADCHF – this is clearer because there was a H4 trigger and also H4 is above F6. However, I want to emphasize. All my said levels are NOT Target Profit or Profit Target. They are just support or resistance levels


CADCHF 1234 and H4 trigger on F6 too




H4 boxes flat; so this has a weaker technical setup than CADCHF EURCAD


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