Driving the biggest stock market conference in Southeast Asia

The Shares Investment Conference 2013 is back in October with an expected audience turnout of 1,600. I caught up with two members of the team who are bringing us this exciting conference, Mr Christopher Fun Executive Director of Pioneers & Leaders Publishers Pte Ltd and Research Editor Mr Louis Lee.

The gentlemen gave me an insight on where the stock market conference is headed.

Stock market conference in Singapore

Christopher Fun Executive Director (left) and Research Editor Louis Lee

Biggest stock market conference for Chinese speaking investors driven by one powerful idea

The conference is uniquely positioned. It is probably the biggest conference for stock market investors and traders in Southeast Asia. It is the biggest conference targeted at Chinese investors.

One force drives this achievement. Company Pioneers & Leaders Publishers has been providing stock market investors and traders with timely market information via its investment magazine, Shares Investment since 1995. After 15 years of faithfully delivering timely and reliable investment information to their customers and followers on print and digital media, they were driven by the urge to create a face to face encounter. The best way to do this is to put passionate investors together with the foremost thought leaders in the business; stock market experts like Professor Chan Yan Chong and Mr Hu Li Yang speaking at the conference. Such is the emphasis on face to face encounter that several conferences will be held each year.


Looking after retail investors

The first conference was held in 2010 on the 15th anniversary of Shares Investment magazine. From the first venue that housed a seating capacity of 600, crowds at subsequent conferences grew. The biggest conference ever held saw 2000 participants turned up. This is a testament that the team recognized correctly that individual investors were hungry for such events; conference programs which delivered exactly what participants need.


Highlights of Shares Investment Conference 2013

‘What can I expect at the conference?’ I asked Mr Fun.

‘Professor Chan and Mr Hu are key speakers who will grace this event. Both are experts in their own field. Professor Chan is an award winning author and economist. His fundamental insights into politics and economics are widely sought after. Mr Hu is a technical expert who has amazing accuracy predicting the local stock market. There is strong contrast and when they come together the interaction is electrifying.’

‘Holding the conference in October is timely. Participants can expect speakers to guide the audience through the market. With the year-end coming, there will certainly be a lot to ponder about window-dressing and year-end rally.

Mr Louis Lee adds ‘This year is special. QE was introduced after September the past 3 years. Two official and one unofficial. This is the only time we are on the fence. We know America is addicted to QE. What is this tapering going to do? Is there a ghost QE? Nobody really knows.’

This parting shot could be the hottest topic at the event.



About Shares Investment Conference 2013

The conference will be held at Kallang Theatre on 05 October 2013. Program and ticketing information is available at the official website.



Dr Chan Yan Chong, Hong Kong

Stock market conference in Singapore

Dr Chan Yan Chong, conference speaker

Previously the MBA Programme Director of City University of Hong Kong, Dr Chan is a group leader of CentaCity Index (known as CCI) research group, an advisor to the Central Policy Unit of Hong Kong SAR, and a President of the Operational Research Society of Hong Kong amongst others.

Winner for numerous awards around the world, he has published 17 books, more than 3,000 articles, and commands a fan base of 1.2 million on Weibo. He is a feature column writer for many newspapers and magazines including Apple Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Shin Min Daily News and Shares Investment.

Well received by retail investors in Singapore and Hong Kong, Professor Chan has continuously shared fundamental insights to how politics, and economy affects the market, and helping investors gain from their investments.


Mr Hu Li Yang, Taiwan

Stock market conference in Singapore

Mr Hu Li Yang, conference speaker

One of the most popular investment and finance experts among the Chinese from all over the world, Hu is hailed as “the Guru of Wall Street”. He was the first Chinese vice president at Merrill Lynch, as well as the general manager of the bank’s branch at Silicon Valley.

He has successfully introduced a lot of terms used by the securities markets in the west into Asia, such as “securities firms”, “financial derivatives”, “index futures”, “pull back” etc, and these terms are extensively used by the Asia markets nowadays. As he can accurately analyse and predict the global financial trend, he is hailed as the “Godfather of Asian stock market”.

Hu Li Yang has spoken for Shares Investment since 2011 and has always garnered more than 1,000-person audience. His engaging and educational approach to investor education has made him a very popular speaker amongst retail investors.

TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd is Community Partner for Shares Investment Conference 2013.

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