Agony before joy on FOMC, the before and after special insights into CADJPY trade FOMC

During the last Best Practice class, I guided the students through an analysis of CADJPY.

CADJPY - Price is showing up

CADJPY – Price shows Up

The outcome of the analysis is that we were looking for an opportunity to BUY, why?

  • Based on the H4 boxes, it is an uptrend
  • Price was supported by previous boxes highs and low which act as a support level.

There was already a trigger the day before.

A 1234 pattern had already formed and price had already met a WR trigger criteria. We were looking for an opportunity to enter on a 13TL trigger.

However I warned that price had to clear past a resistance level before it can go up further.


CADJPY - Resistance Level of F6 & Box Low

CADJPY – Resistance Level of F6 & Box Low before FOMC

Price turns exactly at the level predicted

The next day, I posted the below tweet attached with a chart.

Positive profit turns negative

Price started to go back down after it was resisted. My own thoughts at this point was to hold onto the unless i was stopped out. It was not easy to see your profit drop to zero before proceeding to negative but ultimately i held on.

Price shoots up the day after FOMC!

During the day after FOMC news was released, some students were looking at the level predicted together in class.

Price finally shot up to my target profit point, 120pips gained based on WR trigger entry.

Why did I take profit there? Reason is simple, there was a strong resistance on the D1 chart.



Breaking it down into parts, the Best Practice way

Doing analysis need not be difficult process. You just need to break it down into parts. For my trades, I use the steps taught in Best Practice.

  1. H4 Boxes: Are they Up or Down?
  2. Is there a strategy? BM, WRMB, H4R or H4T
  3. Identify the Trade Zones: Where is the most likely place for an opportunity to appear? Where is the trigger?
  4. Identify the TP zones: Is there any support or resistance levels or zones that can turn the trade? These are area to do trade management.

Sometimes its better not to over complicate and keep things simple.

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3 thoughts on “Agony before joy on FOMC, the before and after special insights into CADJPY trade FOMC”

  1. Abdulmuhsen Alfadhalah says:

    These tips are always a good reminder. You know all this info but sometimes I tend to ignore them for some strange reason!

  2. Wee Fah Ong says:

    Hi Jerome,
    Thanks for sharing on how to trade. Just one request : Please enable chart to be able to enlarge when clicked on as the wordings are small and difficult to read. Thanks.

    1. Jerome Lee says:

      Hi WeeFah, didn’t realised i missed out the link for the pic to be viewed enlarged. its working now, thxs for the spot :)

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