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Monthly Archives: September 2013

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EURUSD and the need for trigger

Seriously, I was disappointed with EURUSD movement last week. After bullish expansion 2 weeks ago, EURUSD has been going sideway. It is usual to assume continuation of trend, but before trend continuation, there is a need to build up enough momentum. This is what EURUSD

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I gained 120pips on CADJPY but it was not so easy

My Tflow® Trade Plan Having a trade plan is important. It does not need to be very complicated. I used this plan for a recent CADJPY trade I did. Follow the flow with Tflow® boxes Identify to Buy Low or to Sell High? Find entry

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Keep Winners Rid Losers – Post Mortem EURNZD trades

I posted 2 tweets on EURNZD last week. First trade was a winner with a profit ranging 55-175 pips (depending whether you keep winners or rid winners too fast). There was an unfortunate even though. Due the movement, EURNZD spread spike during FOMC day which