How Tflow® Boxes map clearly your strategy – illustrating USDSGD

I posted a big picture analysis and suggested a linkage to the USDJPY blog posting



Attaching USDSGD chart again, you can see that the big picture analysis was similar to what happened to USDJPY. Therefore, key question now is whether we have a lower high to suggest a trend reversal.


Is there a trend reversal depends if a lower high is made


Continuing this post on 8 Aug 5.05pm

I remembered making a post on USDSGD but didn’t really have the time to complete it. Well, I think not finding time is an excuse, but really, the constipated movement is making everyone sick and tired, including myself. I wanted to shout and tell everyone, that hey, market has ups and downs, trading has ups and downs.  I been through this cycle many times, but every time, please learn from it and evolve stronger.

As I said in above chart, we are not too sure at that time of posting whether USDSGD is a trend continuation or showing trend reversal. Most important is to see if a lower high is formed. This trend analysis is similar to the one I posted on USDJPY 


You have to be impressed by Tflow Strategy and our wonderful use of Boxes – Box theory is a very simple yet powerful concept that is developed by us

Have to ‘brag’ on the USDSGD trade.

1. If you note my tweet, I was bearish, because my tweet said “heading lower”

2. During 4M class  30 July, I already told the class that we are looking for a WRMB and how they should play it

3. When I don’t remind, you forgot, or you don’t remind me. Luckily @kevinchinfx remembered and this effort paid off for him. See his tweet to me and my reply to him


Of course, the outcome is as predicted.  We are looking at a slow 80 pips gain now.

What is 80 pips?

80 pips on 1 mini = $80 = 2 sessions of 4M classes

80 pips on 1 standard = $800 = 150 packets of potato chips

80 pips on 2 standards = $1600 = one week salary And profit will be in SGD. Not a bad thing.

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