We made 60 ticks in trading Silver XAGUSD in less than 3 hours

Trading with amazing Tflow® – the explosive movement after we enter a trade

This is a trade done live in one of our support classes – Best Practices (BP). I also announced this trade in twitter. The trade was Silver XAGUSD.




Why this is a high probability trade according to Tflow®

  1. There was already an upthrust (we called this upflow). This upflow according to  Tflow® Forex Strategy is determined by SMART MONEY 
  2. Tflow® then calculates and predicts the most likely point that price is going to correct (so that we could buy at a discount to that upflow). Students are equipped with knowledge and tool (TX Auto Alert) to predict a potential price level that price might stop correcting
  3. Tflow® then identifies a trigger (the point where a trader can click the buy button to place a buy trade) with minimised stop loss and also a potentially explosive movement


The Silver XAGUSD trade was announced in Twitter 3 hours before the explosive moment, and was at the same time, featured in our forex live trading class.

And here’s the trade outcome of the trade! 


(correction, @jayromelai had a typo, should be 50 pips and not 150 pips)




A 60-80 ticks movement in Silver Xagusd in less than 3 hours

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