Fibonacci Retracement Ratios pinpoints STI levels with deadly accuracy

Fib Retracement Ratios capture Straits Times Index turning points

We have emphasised once and again how powerful Fibonacci Retracement Ratios are by being able to predict turning points in currency pairs and stock indices. See our stories:

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Here we go again when Fibonacci Retracement Ratios score beyond the hat-trick by capturing price action of the Straits Times Index in this chart – 2 turning points fitting ratios to the dot in the last 2 months.

Straits Times Index



Don’t be left behind

To put the message clearly once and for all, whoever is not acquainted with trading Fibonacci Retracement by now is going to be outclassed because this is the phenomenon that is so unstoppable and penetrating very soon into every financial market.

Fibonacci Retracement concepts are cornerstone of Tflow® Forex Strategy

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