Which is better? Being fast or slow in trading…sharing my trading thoughts

Few days ago, some students wrote to ask me on a reversal trade in EURAUD.

It is not that I don’t trade a reversal trade, just that I didn’t like to predict reversal. I like the market to show me that there is a reversal first. 

Question by student: 

I see a potential head and shoulder. I see a potential EWUS.


Potential Head and Shoulder

My thoughts: 

Not wrong to think of that. But for student thinking of EWUS, either you are stopped out (if put 25 pips Stop loss) or either you feel constipated but not stopped yet (if put stop loss at price of the head).

For student thinking of a potential head and shoulder, your mind will keep on thinking of a reversal. If this should continue into a trend continuation, you can’t react.

Whatever it is, if the below price action happens, then you will feel sour and discourage about this trade. 


Potential right shoulder extended by 120 pips


What I like is to let the market tell me first, then to predict a reversal. This is so far how I have been trading and guiding a reversal. For students who asked me how long it takes to be successful, the key to this question really lies in how long you take to realise this. 


Big picture planning



Big picture planning with key resistance


H4 suggests price is topping with flat consolidation boxes


1234 in H1 as a fine tuning

There is really no point in predicted or anticipating a movement. Let the market ASSURE you and be ASSURED yourself.

H1 Fine tuning


1234 with clear WR sighted

Below 14080 has support 14010-20 and 13950-60

So answer this question:

Is it good to be slow or fast in trading? Great to have this question answered especially students who asked me about EURAUD trade. 


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15 thoughts on “Which is better? Being fast or slow in trading…sharing my trading thoughts”

  1. Tan Yu Hong says:

    Slow is good

  2. Victoria Yam says:

    Thanks for this post. Yes, we need to make sure our trades are as close to 100% sure win probability as possible. Especially when we take big position sizes.

  3. Chen Junguo says:

    Slow is good but I enter only after gbpaud has drop n before euraud drop is that consider an early indication?

    1. Binni Ong says:

      that’s not a good way to trade

  4. Chikua says:

    Its better to let the market pan out to see what it is thinking. We are most of the time trend catcher thus if market has shown the path to where it will b heading, then we take. Entering later although we may earn lesser than those who entered earlier but we are facing a lesser probability of losing.


  5. GeriNg says:

    You have answered most of my internal and external questions in this blog. Thank you so much, this is very informative. At least it gives confirmation that I am still on the right track and totally agree with you on the mindset about being fixated on a reversal that when the opposite occurs, I am completely bumped out emotionally. I have experienced painfully twice big time on this. And the recovery is scarily slow hahaha. Thanks again. So, conclusion, slow is good, but not too slow also :)

  6. jayromelai says:

    I look at it as a question of being safe vs danger play, more confirmation vs less .
    I am not a commando or special forces or Navy Seal , so i will not go into enemy territory first .
    I wait until the first wave go in and fight, observe and if they are winning then we join in . hehe.

    We are not heroes to go in early, we are only heroes when we TP :)

  7. Chen Junguo says:

    Ok noted.

  8. Kerensa says:

    thank you for the post. answered many of my questions. the uncertainty and wait is tough though ;p

    1. Binni Ong says:

      that’s why we need lots of motivation. trading is lonely. I realised when i was 2 yrs into full time trading. tried to tell many people, but they don’t understand. always said: you made so much money will be lonely??? *faint*

      1. Kae:Ron says:

        Yes i totally agree. Trading to me is a long and personal journey, you can take short cuts along the way but if u got hit hard , u must know how to bring urself back to the game again. How we want to pen out this journey is really up to us..

  9. Tan Teng Chew says:


    Since this is a CTT, reckon that for those who wanna trade this pair, lesser positions entered.
    Furthermore, BP taught us that the “winning mindset:always assume trend continuation till it reverses, suicidal to assume always think that price is too high or too low or reversal, 80% wrong, 20% right”…
    For individual who wanna trade this pair, if in profit, lock in some profit most importantly & also shift our SL if more than 1 position entered to BE since trading against the trend.. Trend is always our good friend till truely reversed which time will tell.

  10. ray says:

    Hi Binni,
    Thanks a lot for an informative blog again! Probably CTT or an early entry would give us a better RRR as SL could be lower & reward could be higher. But the trade will carry higher risk too as there’s only 20% probability of winning. Whereas slow trades (with the trend) may give us lower RRR but the probability of winning would be much higher(80%). I would prefer to go with a slow & steady trade. Also, longer the consolidation; stronger the breakout will be.
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

    First, apology. I seen to be 2 steps behind in digesting the blog post. A question on the big picture planning: given the chart, may I ask what is the bias one should have seeing that price is approaching the slanting SAR? still maintain bullishness? or do one assume that SAR

  12. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

    (sorry got cut off).. will be resisted until o/wise but this does not mean reversal is true? I struggle a few times at such point where price approach SAR, not knowning how to proceed. Appreciate your view. Thank you in advance.

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