Chew’s trading testimonial: lifelong trading skill, recurring income

Chew flew to attend Forex Course, invest in trading skill and additional income

Chew is a Singaporean stationed in China. He took a 5-day leave to attend the compressed version of our Tflow® Forex Course designed for individuals residing overseas. In his very colourful Singlish (English-based creole language spoken in Singapore), Chew wrote to show his appreciation for making 300 pips in the first week of trading after the course and to share with us the meaning of forex trading to him.

Screencapture of Chew's email

Chew’s emailed forex trading testimonial to us


“After  5 days of “solid” training since 27 Jun to 3 July, by 3 July 2013 i manage to make at least more than 300 pips”

“I learnt a skill set that can last forever better than accounting degree”

Earn While U Sleep is more interesting”

“LIFE long knowledge with stable, recurring income

“I start small, new, and cautious, BUT with experience and confident….can UPSIZE”


A course is a one-time investment, lifelong benefits

Chew’s testimonial tells us the value he attaches to long term personal financial planning and financial security. This is something that we have emphasised many times but here are the salient points.

  1. Once an individual picks up a trading skill, it stays with him for his life time. It is a very good investment on oneself.
  2. Earn While U Sleep is very important because trading long hours is tiring and unsustainable for most.
  3. The ability to secure an additional source of recurring income not only meets household expenses now but is a protection for future uncertainty.
  4. Forex trading is good for both beginners and advanced traders. It is highly scaleable so you can do little now but you can upsize tremendously in future.
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