What kind of forex trader is Tflow® Forex Strategy meant for?

The simplest way to describe Tflow® Forex Strategy

Bcause product information often gets hidden among technical terms, marketing jargons and qualifiers, I am going to just summarise what is Tflow® Forex Strategy.

  1. Use the strategy to trade currencies, indices, oil, gold etc. Basically anything that can be found inside MT4.
  2. Can use in any other software or market? Can. But we would not be able to support you with TX Auto Alert.
  3. We do not encourage scalping. Discussion and tweets focus on swing trades.
  4. Our community of traders wait for big setups on 4-hourly charts or more. Do few trades per week but aim for >80-100 pips for most pairs.
  5. The rest of time focus on career or family. We like the concept of Earn While U Sleep.
  6. Our method is price action based, uses concepts from Fibonacci techniques, Elliott Wave, Dow theory and just plain technical analysis.
  7. We do not use trading indicators.
  8. TX is a learning tool, not an expert advisor.
  9. Technology like smart phones, VPS are important to our way for trading, managing trades.
  10. We will not give you trade signals.


So who is most suitable to use the Tflow® Forex Strategy?

Anyone can attend the course. BUT if you are the laid back trader who can wait patiently to do few trades but make more money per trade, we have a lot in common with you.



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