Rui’s trading testimonial: overcome hurdles, financial independence

Forex trading testimonial from Singaporean female participant who joined us in March 2012

Rui joined our Tflow® Currency Trading Course with her boyfriend last year in March 2012. They left for the US shortly after. She sends us her trading testimonial. In few words, it can probably be described as:

  1. Personal discovery
  2. Overcoming greed and fear, internal hurdles to trading
  3. Driven by aspiration for financial independence
  4. Successfully achieving monthly returns of 10-20 percent
Screen capture of email from Rui

This is a testament of dedication and success



“It has always been my career aspiration to achieve financial independence.”

“I’m proud to say I’m trading well consistently with 10-20% monthly return, without having to follow your tips on Twitter.”

“I endured a few months of negative returns when I gave in to my greed by jumping into trades that didn’t have very nice setups. I also succumbed to my fear when I closely monitored the random fluctuations of my account, and thus closing off my position early because I didn’t have enough faith in my system.”

“I have since learnt that trading is much like a business, it’s about money/risk management, psychology, and having a good system that fits your personality and has positive returns in the long run.”

“In many ways, trading has made me a much better person.”

“The trading system you teach is not the only useful part of the course. I’ll also remember how calm you were when you talked about your losing streaks in class, and the confidence you showed even when you were losing money at times because you know you will make money in the long run. That was a really valuable lesson to me.”

“You’ll always be a role model to me as I continue to grow as a trader.”


Motivation and drive to succeed

Trading success does not come from taking shortcuts. Rui’s trading testimonial tells us that it is a personal journey of self-discovery and change while going through ups and downs. But hard work and dedication begets success. Here we wish Rui all the best. And to Rui: when you come back from the US, please come and share with your fellow traders the secret to your success!


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3 thoughts on “Rui’s trading testimonial: overcome hurdles, financial independence”

  1. Ou Yong says:

    Inspirational!! I am personally trying to find the right time frame in the day to trade. Thanks for sharing her story.

  2. jayromelai says:

    this is a very inspirational piece. Trading is indeed like a business. We have our edge , we take it and we walk away from deals which does not have a good return to risk ratio :)

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