How to get real time notification from a Twitter account?

Many students commented that they are missing trades because they are late in getting my twitter message.

The reason why we switched to twitter as a form of support was because of twitter ability to deliver real time messages to anyone who follow us.

In this blog post, I invite all students to comment and share how they are getting Twitter real time notification promptly on their phone/tablet. Please be as detailed as possible so that our community can benefit.

Prior to that, please remember to follow us at


Iphone user

Android user

Feedbacks and comments welcome; no prize though

Updates on twitter push notifications on Android phone

Recently have updated my phone to Samsung Note 3 (gigantic screen in my opinion). Was using another twitter client and realise that it is draining on my battery. Found that Plume  is offering push notification. Indeed, I am being ‘pushed’ for tweets sent by you @mention almost instantaneously.

But it is important to have your setting to this:

Set to Always (instant notifications)

What is interesting is that folks at Plume are touting this as a feature that has “no impact on battery usage.”

At least the above statement is true for me. For students saying that they can’t get real time notifications on twitter, this is the closest to official twitter client.


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