How to get real time notification from a Twitter account?

Many students commented that they are missing trades because they are late in getting my twitter message.

The reason why we switched to twitter as a form of support was because of twitter ability to deliver real time messages to anyone who follow us.

In this blog post, I invite all students to comment and share how they are getting Twitter real time notification promptly on their phone/tablet. Please be as detailed as possible so that our community can benefit.

Prior to that, please remember to follow us at


Iphone user

Android user

Feedbacks and comments welcome; no prize though

Updates on twitter push notifications on Android phone

Recently have updated my phone to Samsung Note 3 (gigantic screen in my opinion). Was using another twitter client and realise that it is draining on my battery. Found that Plume  is offering push notification. Indeed, I am being ‘pushed’ for tweets sent by you @mention almost instantaneously.

But it is important to have your setting to this:

Set to Always (instant notifications)

What is interesting is that folks at Plume are touting this as a feature that has “no impact on battery usage.”

At least the above statement is true for me. For students saying that they can’t get real time notifications on twitter, this is the closest to official twitter client.


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19 thoughts on “How to get real time notification from a Twitter account?”

  1. jeanlhwong says:

    Hi Binni,

    I recently started using Twoti ( because I couldn’t figure out how to get twitter to alert me to yours or Tiong Hum’s tweets.
    Twoti is a very basic application, is free and works brilliantly for me. Basically you sign into the application with your twitter account and set whose tweets you want to receive email notifications. It’s that straightforward.
    I am on Android, so whenever a new email comes in, it pops up at the top of the phone interface and through the Twoti email notification, I can view the details of the tweets. It also provides a link for you to view the tweet in Twitter/and reply in Twitter. The lag between your tweets and the email notification is about 5 mins (my estimate).
    Hope this is useful to Terraseeds students too! :)


    1. Swee Leng Serene Ng says:

      Thank you. for the recommendation. I am using it now.

  2. guoyong14 says:

    hi all,
    for iphone 5 follow the steps:
    Settings- Notifications- Twitter
    Notifications Centre – switch to on
    Alert Style- EVERYTHING on.
    Badge App Icon – ON
    Sounds – ON
    View in Lock Screen – ON

  3. Ou Yong says:

    Hi, if you are after real time notification aka Twitter streaming;
    Apple :
    This Android one only does streaming while on WIFI.
    Blackberry: Blaq for Blackberry, currently on playbook only.
    Please bear in mind if you stream you can expect your phone’s battery to die out on your rather quickly.
    Maybe manual refreshes set at 5 or 10 mins interval will suffice.
    Hope this helps.

  4. jayromelai says:

    With the iphone notification for Twitter turned on, i get real time updates on all your tweets . Just like how for this week on the EURAUD , GBPNZD , AUDUSD tweets . once gotten in at around 11 pm this monday , it is just a simple thing to look at the charts and conformation with the analysis , execute the trade and wait for the result !

  5. Marq Lim says:

    Does anyone know if there’s an android twitter client that allows selective push notifications as I am following many people but only want TerraSeeds tweets to be pushed to my phone? If not possible then probably need to create a new twitter account…

  6. Chin Leou Chris Chong says:

    hi binni try to post the step here but not successful.
    I have email the step in PDF file to Jerome and your support email.
    have try it on iphone and ipad work well for me. Pls share it and hope all students enjoy this benefit. tks

    1. Jerome Lee says:

      Thanks Chris, i’ve attached a link to your pdf here.

  7. simta says:

    I used an app call Uber on my Android phone. It has a setting for the notification frequency. The faster the frequency, the more battery power it consumes. I set in at 15 mins interval. It works ok so far.

  8. samchia says:

    I travel to China often and could not receive twitter message. Any other solutions?

    1. Binni Ong says:

      how about via email, try solution from Jean Wong
      Twoti (

      1. samchia says:

        Thanks Binny. I have also tried boxcar previously but with no success. However, I am not sure what “magic” you have done, I begin to receive your twitter message via boxcar since yesterday 27th June. I will try twoti when I am back in Singapore as it needs to link to twitter.

        1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

          +1 for praising Binni. -1 for getting her name wrongly. Shame on you. LOL

          1. samchia says:

            Thousand Apology Binni. Type too first at times

  9. Chee Wee says:

    If you are using the Twitter app (blue bird picture) on Android phone and have added TerraSeeds successfully…
    1. Open Twitter and sign in.
    2. Press the “Magnifying Glass” icon.
    3. Type “Terraseeds” in the search box. Do NOT press the “Magnifying Glass” icon to search.
    4. Select “TerraSeeds FX Tflow(R) @Terraseeds” in the list below the search box.
    5. You should see Terraseeds’ profile. Currently with Binni’s face. Press the “Human Shadow” icon.
    6. Select “Turn on notifications”
    7. Go back to Twitter main screen.
    8. You should see a “House”, “@”, “#” and “Human Shadow” icon in a row. Press the “Human Shadow” icon.
    9. Press the “Wheel” or “Gear” icon.
    10. Select “Settings”
    11. Select your account name. If you have more than one Twitter account added, select the one that you have added TerraSeeds.
    12. Select “Sync interval”.
    13. Select “5 minutes”.
    14. On the same screen, set the different notifications on and the ringtone you want.
    (Current Twitter version 4.1.1 may have ringtone problem. Bear with it. Wait for update.)
    15. Get out of Twitter, go to your phone “Settings” -> “Accounts and sync”. Make sure “Auto-sync” and Twitter’s sync is “on”.
    Probably you’re done.

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      Thank you for this excellent input. +1

  10. Binni Ong says:

    Thank you all for your kind participation. For students who need to updated real time on twitter, do follow me @terraseeds and also try one of these solutions

  11. Eng Kiat Jack Lim says:

    Sifu, I tried Plume Free and it does not have any window for setting as shown in your pic attached. Is yours the paid version?

    1. Binni Ong says:

      mine is free version.

      go setting>general> then scroll to live stream which is in the middle then choose live stream mode

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