Can Forex Tflow® be used as trading strategy in stock market?

Besides forex, users can apply elements of Tflow® trading strategy in stock market

The Forex Tflow® trading strategy applies important concepts of Dow Theory, Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios. There are also building blocks of Technical Analysis such as support resistance, trendlines and candlestick patterns. Together they are indispensable to forex trading but equally useful in stock markets as well as others.

Chart of Tat Hong (SGX:T03)

Concepts applicable to forex trading are also used in the stock market

So should a stock market investor or trader sign up for Forex Tflow®?

Regardless of trading or investing background anywhere else, an individual who has decided to start trading forex can join the Forex Tflow® course. Do take note the following however:

  1. TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® is still primarily intended to be a currency trading course so teaching material, illustrations and direction are all geared to FX. 
  2. Participants need to be proactive in their learning approach. In other words, come forward and tell us what you intend to do. What we do not address in class, we can address to you separately.
  3. There are elements of stock markets that missing in this course. For example, reading and interpret stock trading volume is not covered here.
  4. We acknowledge that trading indicators such as moving averages do play a part in the stock market but will not be covered in Forex Tflow®.
  5. Participants will receive free demo charting and trading accounts (MT4) to look at currency pairs. These account cannot be used for stock market so stock market participants have to get their charting software and if necessary paid ones.
  6. TX Auto Alert indicator that we distribute is meant for use with MT4 and not suitable for other platforms. We will not develop nor provide separate solutions for individuals.

Based on the reasons above, TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® is suitable for individuals new to forex trading and can further enhance market understanding for sophisticated stock market traders but is not suitable for individuals who are new to stock market.

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