Update on encountering 503 Error message when accessing the Blog

503 Error

This is an update to our previous post Encounter error message 503 when accessing this blog.

We did a survey on two groups of students with the following criteria.

  • Both groups use the blog often;
  • Those who regularly encounter this error;
  • And those that have never encountered this error before.

The main difference between the 2 groups are:


Students who encounter the issue:

  • Log out of the blog after use.
  • Or due to clearing browser cookies & cache.


Students who do not encounter the issue:

  • Close the browser without logging out.
  • Rarely or never clears browser cookie & cache.


Our suggestion to those who regularly encounter this issue to try the below for the next 1-2 months and see if you still encounter the 503 error msg.

  1. Don’t log out, just close the browser page.
  2. Try to limit the times you clear your cookie & cache or if you have to, try to leave the cookie entry for Terraseeds blog intact.


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