David’s trading testimonial describes challenges, learning journey

Trading testimonial from new forex trader

David attended our Tflow® Currency Trading Course last month this year. He sent in this trading testimonial by email describing his ups and downs (yes – all that in 1 month). We reproduce his feedback here because he describes the realism of forex trading from the encounters of a new trader. In addition I would like to point out the encouragement he has given us and to address some questions about forex trading.

Screencap of testimonial by email



“I started only trading in April and with your guidance I made 20k from 4k capital within two weeks because of yens and oil. I think you know how I did it. Didn’t play by rules.”

“I almost loss all in oil and Eur as I didn’t manage trade as you taught hoping to pull a fast one again.”

“Dishearten with my foolishness I almost give up until you posted the nzd trade in tweeter”

“I refreshed what you taught and stick to rules and  you help me turn around with that trade.”

“able to replicate what you taught and now am truly appreciate what you said able the rules and trade management”

“help someone turn around from disheartened and back to his feet again”


Trading success depends on discipline and support from a community

And this is from our point of view:

1. Individuals can earn money from forex trading

2. Internal hurdles unfortunately can cause individuals to lose money

3. Failure is very discouraging and is a major reason while individuals give up before they succeed; help can turn a person around.

4. To us, training means reinforcing traders with the right values and techniques

5. To succeed, you need to repeat, replicate, reinforce. Its about money management not guts and glory.

6. Don’t trade by yourself. A community, friends and trainers is also about learning support and moral support.

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