TerraSeeds contributes to investor education in Singapore

Investor education in Singapore

TerraSeeds was started in 2005 by Binni Ong and I. We are happy that we have contributed to investor education and sophistication in Singapore in our own way. See ‘TerraSeeds then and now‘.

Starting with introductory classes to technical analysis and stock market trading back then, our classes have evolved in the way they are conducted and supported. Back then the series of technical analysis classes were named ‘Paper and Pencil Series: Practical Technical Analysis‘ or ‘Paper and Pencil Series: MACD High Probability setups’ so and so because students were asked to bring pencil, ruler and eraser for class. Exercises like drawing trendlines, identifying support and resistance were done in an old fashioned manner.

2009 - present; Shenton House

2009 – present; Shenton House


From technical analysis to forex trading course

We no longer run those technical analysis classes today but we have our very bread and butter forex trading course that has attracted so many participants. Classes are run so differently making use of learning aid like TX Auto Alert and social media such as twitter, facebook and pinterest to support the learning but I believe the spirit of education remains: teaching investors and traders how to fish for themselves.

Binni Ong at Nanyang Girls High Financial Sabbatical 2011

Binni Ong at Nanyang Girls High Financial Sabbatical 2011

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