Successful forex trading performance using TerraSeeds Forex Tflow®

Successful forex trading performance with Gold 2 days ago

The very successful forex trading performance on gold XAUUSD starting with the usual planning by Binni Ong and a heads-up alert on our community on Twitter. Follow this timeline below to see the preparation starting with heads-up message to the community, posting on the blog, direction and levels to look out for and then updates as the very successful short unfolded in just a few hours.

Note: the original timestamp available on twitter @terraseeds is UTC + 8 (Singapore time).
The timestamp that can be seen here is UTC + 0.


02 April 2013 2.54 PM


02 April 2013, 5.13 PM


02 April 2013, 5.53 PM

Then this was posted in the exclusive section of our blog “How to trade XAUUSD (GOLD) for trend continuation?


Getting ready for the trade

02 April 2013 8.37 PM


02 April 2013 10.07 PM


Along the way we updated this


Gold Xauusd levels

03 April 2013 1.46 AM


Then finally the successful trade performance gets reported by individuals from our community.


And from those who were astounded, emails poured in the whole morning of 03 April.

03 April 2013 12.32 PM



And now my commercial message is ‘For those who took up the challenge of forex trading, you should never look back’.

And I want to repeat that


Learning TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® is not difficult, it is comprehensive and we have many ways to support you.

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