Playing the game of forex trading to financial freedom

Hey! Forex Trading is so like a Role Playing Game!

I enjoy playing computer games when I have the time, especially Role Playing Games aka RPG.

For those of you who are not familiar with Role Playing Games, they usually look like this:

  1. A RPG game usually involves a fantasy, horror or crime/thriller plot.
  2. I become the protagonist in the story and my mission is to complete a quest such as solving a crime and defeating the Big Bad Boss.
  3. Along the way there may be obstacles to solve overcome. I need to equip myself to fulfil missions so I need to husband resources.
  4. The higher I progress, the tougher the missions that I need to complete and the more resources required.


I realise that Forex Trading has many similarities to a role playing game.


Similarities between forex trading and role playing games


At the start of a new game, my character resembles a forex trading rookie

ResourcesNext to nothingMeager starting capital
ArsenalWeakest weapons (Wooden Club)Only able to trade small contract size (micro lots)
ProtectionWeakest armour (Leather Jacket)Not able to take much losses due to small capital size
ProgressionComplete missions to gain experienceEnter trades to gain experience in the market
SupportSome comrades will appear in the game to help you outLike minded traders will support each other


After some time

ResourcesAmassed extensive resourseBuilt up larger capital
ArsenalStronger weapons (Magic Sword)Able to trade larger sizes (Standard lots)
ProtectionStronger armour (Magic Chainmail)Able to withstand more losses due to larger capital
ProgressionMissions get harder and harderLarger trade sizes brings stronger challenges
SupportSense of satisfaction when you win the gameOpens a path to financial freedom


The key difference between playing an RPG and Forex Trading

There is a difference between playing a game and forex trading however.

Forex trading is for real. It is not a game anymore. When I stumble along the way, I felt frustrated and unhappy but I could not give up because I know at the end of this “game”, it isn’t just a sense of satisfaction that is my reward but a path to financial freedom.

If you’re like me and would like to find out how to start participating in this “game” then come attend one of our Free Beginner’s Guide to Currency Trading to understand more.

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