Can a dead cat bounce? Technical Analysis explained

Dead Cat Bounce is the name of a phenomenon in Technical Analysis

When I was learning to trade forex in the beginning, my trainer mentioned ‘dead cat bounce’ during class one day. It was the first time I heard such a term. I thought that it was invented by the her because it sounds so weird.

After class, I googled the Internet and Voila! There really was a chart pattern named Dead Cat Bounce after all! OMG, it was real!!


What is a Dead Cat Bounce?

So what exactly is this oddly named pattern and what are its implication and uses?

A Dead Cat Bounce is a trend continuation pattern and basically means a reversal chart pattern has failed, usually the ‘Head & Shoulders pattern (amazingly another wonderfully named phenomenon that traders are familiar with).

Now, a dead cat bounce in forex means a failed head and shoulders pattern. Once a dead cat bounce happens, buyers can quickly join in whereas sellers will have to close their shorts. It is easy to recognise and is a chart pattern that has a high probability outcome.

Picture of dead cat bounce

Dead cat bounce describes price rallying and making a ‘Head and Shoulders’ pattern invalid


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