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Monthly Archives: April 2013

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Long term gold investment: what if Singapore Dollar did not appreciate

If you live in Singapore, earn an income in Singapore Dollars, are passionate about long term investment prospects for gold, the convergence of these two bull runs are definitely in your favour. That is because if the SingDollar stayed put today at the USDSGD exchange rate of 1.846 at the beginning of January 2002, Gold will cost a lot more to buy.

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Consistent trading profits: Mastery old strategy vs changing new one

The answer to consistent trading profits (for any kind of trading, not just forex trading) can be found in another activity – firing a weapon. Anyone who has fired a rifle professionally should be acquainted with the concept of ‘grouping your shots’. A close grouping on the target board by a firer is very similar to consistent trading results.

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3 reasons why you should not trade forex only

There are many strong reasons for individuals to trade forex only. Indeed traders want to find markets that may suit their personal way of life. However anyone who excludes himself from trading other markets without giving it a try is depriving himself of many opportunities. There are 3 reasons that traders should look at other markets especially if he wants to trade for a living.

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Playing the game of forex trading to financial freedom

Hey! Forex Trading is so like a Role Playing Game! I enjoy playing computer games when I have the time, especially Role Playing Games aka RPG. For those of you who are not familiar with Role Playing Games, they usually look like this: A RPG


Forex Scam: Fraudulent setup claiming to be regulated broker

A forex scam could also happen to stocks, futures and commodities. It is a fraudulent setup that represents itself as a legitimate broker. It is set up to swindle money from traders who deposit trading capital.

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Can a dead cat bounce? Technical Analysis explained

When I was learning to trade forex in the beginning, my trainer mentioned “dead cat bounce” during class one day. It was the first time I heard such a term. I thought that it was invented by the trainer because it sounds so weird.