Getting the best out of TX auto alert indicator

December is the month of the year when I spend a lot of time reflecting what has been done and what has not. TX auto alert indicator has a special place in my mind because it has revolutionized the way our community of currency traders approach the market. Because TX is keeping watch of the market for us, we have time for more important things, be it spending time with our children or playing soccer with ‘kakis’. In this post, I would like to address an important aspect of TX – user satisfaction.


A new product as business change agent; challenges to customer satisfaction and job design

Apart from being an auxiliary product, TX auto alert indicator became an important change agent. With its introduction to the TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® course, it became a pillar of user-participant satisfaction with the course as well as its after-sale support. In a funny way, our daily activities now not only include content development and learning assistance, but technical support and troubleshooting as well!


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In my opinion, my colleague Binni Ong conceived and produced a great product. TX has fulfilled its function remarkably well. Do bear in mind that it is an auxiliary product meant to alert traders to the flow and potential turning points in the market. It was not meant to be an expert advisor that took care of trading. Therefore it’s KPI is not trade accuracy but alert timeliness and correct chart-point to alert message.

I am happy that most TX-users agree with us. However there are some gripes with TX that center on its difficulty to use and install. Indeed TX usability could be better, but it cannot be plug and play because it is probably an unique indicator of its class in terms of functionality.


For users missing out on a great experience, do the following

If you are a TX-user and feel frustrated, you can get the best TX performance if you follow this checklist:

  1. New students must attend the first 3-hours of  TX familarisation session that comes as standard feature of the Tflow® course. If you have missed this, arrange for makeup.
  2. Go through the TX user guide for own trouble shooting. Included in course material are also tips for you to personalize TX.
  3. Look at the FAQ and other information we documented here; TX is a mature product that has been well documented.
  4. If you have done the above, our staff are able to provide assistance by email or phone during office hours. If you have missed the 3 steps above, then unfortunately emails and phone assistance cannot be substitute for a systematic and dilligent approach. The best course of action is to call us and arrange to attend makeup class.
And because we care, refresher lessons on TX are done about once every 2 months. If you worry about being left out, write to Cynthia so she can put you on a mailing list to contact once a class is arranged.

Soh Tiong Hum
Managing Director

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