10 things to do to be a good currency trader

Hi readers. My name is Sandeep. I am a doctor. In this article, I would like to share with you 10 observations I have for currency trading. For your information, I am not a professional trader, nor do I have a financial education but yes I do aspire to grow my wealth through trading and investment.

I am a medical graduate working in the busy Singapore health care system. I was introduced to trading by Dr Chan , my colleague from the same clinic I am currently working in. This was two years ago. In these two years, I have grown to love this new world of knowledge and opportunity to make money. Looking back, I recall that the first day at the currency trading course I attended at Terraseeds Market Technician was also the Doctors and Dentists celebration day.


To be a good trader, here are 10 things you need to do

How to be good trader ? Just like training to be a doctor, trading also require self confidence, discipline, emotional control, making correct decisions and many more similarities… So here goes:

  1. Learn from best in the field.
  2. Trade what you can afford to loose.
  3. Enter markets only when you are confident about what you have learnt.
  4. Be self confident. Enjoy what you do.
  5. Learn from mistakes.
  6. Always look to improve yourself
  7. Spend time- No one is born perfect and practice can make you perfect.
  8. Like volatility in markets, you will face ups and downs in trading too but don’t lose hope and keep going but without risking more than you can afford.
  9. Have friends, it makes it more fun to analyse, share and spend time on charts. I enjoy more when as a group we hang out for supper, analyse trades, and enjoy what we do!!
  10. Approach seniors or masters when you need help and when you are down and out.. It keeps you motivated to keep going.



Mastery cannot be replaced by shortcuts

There is simply no short cut to trading. There is no magic course or software to substitute judgement and experience. I went through years of training followed by housemanship before I fulfilled minimum qualifications to be a doctor. Until this day, I continue to come across new encounters in the clinic. My learning did not end when I graduated. The graduation was merely the beginning of the great new experience of learning and mastery.

Using this opportunity, I want to thank all the friends and trainers who make this trading experience so enjoyable.


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