Free MT4 template incorporating 5 Bollinger Bands

Readers can click the following link to download this free MT4 template incorporating 5 Bollinger Bands. The array is made up of 5 standard Bollinger Band indicators arranged to print a ‘rainbow’ effect. It can be used in any timeframe standalone or as part of any trend-following method.

4-hour chart showing Bollinger Bands array (5)

Bollinger bands when overlaid in array of 5, shows momentum as a rainbow

  • When price is in trending mode, both top and bottom array overlaps tightly and horizontally.
  • When price is uptrending mode, the bottom array opens to convey strong momentum.
  • When price is in downtrend mode, the top array opens to convery strong downward momentum.
The same chart showing 5-minutes setting

It can be used in any timeframe and has value in ranging market as well

Please note that this template is for your personal entertainment. By using it, you agree that you are departing from what we teach you with the Tflow® method.

The file can only be used on MT4. Download into your MT4 folder/templates/

Sophisticated users can personalize the settings further along the same concepts.


Read article “Trading with a visual roadmap; Bollinger Bands for short term FX trader” PDF Format.

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