Mother, Entrepreneur, Trader And A Stress Free Income

The Straits Times, Tuesday, 09 November 2010

terraseeds teamBinni Ong, Chief Trainer of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd is eager to promote Forex trading as a source of secondary income. Her reason? Forex trading frees her to look after her child and build a business while adding a steady source of income. Many others can benefit too.

Despite a 50% increase in the number of professionals taking up her TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® Course already, Ms Ong wants to spread her way of life to many others. According to her, professionals do not have to quit their full time job but are still able to earn additional cash through trading. Ms Ong relates her own experience. “I used to work fifteen- hour days, seven-days a week. For my job, I sacrificed my family and my social life but I was not happy. My remuneration did not match my work performance. There was no choice but to give my career a re-think.”

She says with a laugh, “I decided to make a change by investing and trading in the financial market. It was a decision I never regret.”

“After my successful transformation, I reached financial happiness. Not only that, I managed to create a business that allows me to meet and empower other people who feel the same way. My personal accomplishments also make me feel that I am able to achieve a kind of self-actualization.” Binni Ong was a Spirit of Enterprise 2007 Nominee for her work with TerraSeeds.

Among various financial trading products, Forex is Ms Ong’s favorite. She employs a style of trading that makes use of the best features of Forex trading. She calls it EWUS or ‘Earn While You Sleep’ and teaches it in her Forex Tflow® course. It is a sophisticated methodology that utilizes Applied Elliott Wave and Advance Fibonacci theories as well as special order functions provided by brokers’ trading platforms.

Ms Ong trains her students to spend less than thirty minutes a day analyzing several popularly-traded currency pairs. Using a four-step approach, they pre-determine the trend of the pair, entry level, maximum loss and target profit. Once trade orders are entered into the trading platform, they can dedicate their time to other endeavors.

“Forex trading lets me dedicate more time to my son while making money at the same time. At work, I manage tasks and interact with my staff with ease of mind.” It is a hands-off approach to trading and does not require her to monitor her position endlessly. At any time, she knows the reward to risk proposition clearly. “EWUS is a stress-free way for professionals to get a second income while looking after their career.”

Forex trading lets me dedicate more time to my son while making money at the same time.
– Binni Ong, Chief Trainer of TerraSeeds


Ms Binni Ong chose to trade forex because of some exceptional benefits that the market provides:

  • The Forex market trades 24 hour a day so trades could be placed at anytime of the day
  • Position size for trades is scalable; for as little as USD 200 to a few hundred thousands, each individual can trade according to his means
  • There is plenty of price movement everyday so there are many opportunities to make money
  • Brokers’ trading platforms offer controlled risk trading with pre-established maximum loss
  • Forex trading is very popular among professionals and executives and interest has been growing rapidly since 2007.

Education plays a strong part. Schools like TerraSeeds run regular free introductory sessions on Forex trading for professional and executives to get acquainted with the currency market as an alternative source of income.

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