How to succeed at forex trading: some qualities that you will need

How to succeed at forex trading: personal traits critical to any trading, not just forex trading

Let’s talk about personal traits, not about method for any type of trading – not to mention Forex Trading.

After training for so many years, I have came across many types of students. Those who succeed possess these qualities

  1. Stick to rules
  2. Never say die in the spirit to succeed, quick to run when a trade doesn’t turn out
  3. Their thoughts are not complicated – they are simplistic in their thoughts
  4. They try and they really try harder


To know how to succeed at forex trading, be ready to look internally

I know one trader.  He is very unrealistic about himself.  Huge gain but to get this huge gain, his stop loss is so huge.

The reward to risk ratio – really lousy.

And did he continue to trade? NO. He ran away after being exposed to reality.  When the need for him to deliver performance, the low reward to risk ratio can’t sustain. Walla…..lost lots of money and came up with excuses not to continue.

Therefore, lacking all the personal traits which I mentioned.

For those who desire to make a living with trading, first ask: do you have these personal traits? If you do not have, are you willing to acquire and cultivate that??


Review the way you trade forex

If you have been making losses, ask why did you loss? Is it method or is it yourself?
Don’t be suck in by over promises of winnings from course provider – being educator myself, I don’t like to present to students only winning side.  I want them to be realistic with themselves, so that when they attend TerraSeeds classes, they will be able to truly benefit from it.

But too bad, many are short sighted. However, we are not swayed by it. We still maintain that same standard over so many years. Even so, during our hands on classes,  I have specially built in one section on trading plans and qualities that you need to have before declaring yourself success or fail…

Good luck! p/s if you are interested to know reality of forex trading, join our free forex educational seminar. Our students will be there to share with journey with you.

Binni Ong,

Chief Trainer

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