Self-fulfilling prophecy that is completely mythical

Oil really belonged at around $40 to $50, but we knew that nature hates to take its course and had to get to $100 before getting back to reality.

Free stock screener for US stock/options traders/investors

This is an excellent stock screening tool provided by Finviz free-of-charge (subscription required for more sophisticated features). I find that even the free version is really really useful tool, really a must-have.

What MACD and CCI say about winning, losing stock indices

Stock indices continue to be bullish. DAX 30 is correcting, Nikkei 225 could be correcting soon. Until 13-week ema is broken, no reason for alarm.

Keeping an eye on gold miners ABX, NEM, 2899

Keeping an eye on gold miners Barrick Gold ABX, Newmont Mining NEM and Zijin Mining 2899. There is base building. We can see a base in each chart so this could lead to continuation.

This is the current range for XAUSGD

Traders/investors should be looking at XAUSGD blue zone now. Next step higher. Look for signal i.e. end-of-quarter close above 1800 which is better than best performance (Q3 2016) since 2013.

AUDJPY weekly chart looking for bullish setups

Simple forex analysis looking at AUDJPY for long side trade. Reasons #1 - 3 bullish channels, #2 - new 52-week high, #3, attractive positive swap for long position.

U96 Sembcorp Ind price action on HABBSTS trading system

Illustrating Sembcorp Ind. price action based on the HABBSTS model made up of a 3-indicator combo: Heikin Ashi Candles, 13-week Bollinger Bands and 3-week ema displaced by 2.