Recurring levels in AUD and NZD pairs at weekly time frame

AUD and NZD pairs show recurring, high probability levels on weekly charts, and have a lot of significance because of duration and number of hits.

Was Dollar Index at 91 just a dream or a signal for 2018?

DXY bulls are happy as long as the index stays above this prominent 2-year support. Bears however have their signal. It is now a matter of time while the index does it's usual zig zag before the inevitable happens. The signal for DXY to go lower in 2018 is already in place.

3 myths about automated trading

Busting 3 myths about automated trading: 1) that automated trading is not emotional 2) that it is set and forget 3) that automated trading is too technical.

These stock sectors may be your early bear indicator

Besides Energy, Consumer Staples and Real Estate are next worst stock sectors. This is what they are printing. Keep an eye in case they could be your early bear indicator. XLP and XLRE charts.

What this moving average roadmap says about DXY trend

4 moving average overlay on weekly chart shows DXY on downtrend over 3-6 months. Going long is a contrarian move that has to fight many resistance levels.

Stocks and indices quarterly update end Q3 2017

End of Q3 2017 (quarterly) and end of September (monthly) performance of Straits Times Index Constituents. This quarter we see Jardine Strategic replace SIA Engineering w.e.f. 18 Sep.

Why do support and resistance lines work in stock trading?

Support and resistance works because of market participants' actions and expectations. Charts, chart features like support and resistance are windows into market participants' mass psychology. Case study.