Gold mining stocks bearish divergence from XAUUSD

Gold mining stocks Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining show bearish divergence by not following gold's recent gains. These stocks were leading indicators of gold price in 2016.

Why the recent strength of the Pound may be an aberration

There remain genuine concerns that such resilience can be sustained, further exacerbated by the surprisingly disappointing UK Construction and Services PMI data from February

Probably the hot stock driver this weekend – Obamacare vote

S&P500 must have enjoyed quite a bit of uplift from the best performing healthcare sector. A 2-year market top for the sector faced with prospect of Obamacare repeal could frighten investors and trigger a broad market correction.

Assorted forex, index charts; stock correction round the corner

These charts of DXY, EURUSD, AUDJPY, SiMSCI and the IWM, SPY and DJT all say this message to me: that the USD will continue higher and a stock correction is just round the corner.

Long or short, the fortune of 3 GBP crosses

Article 50 for Brexit is coming 29 March 2017. Quick look at 3 GBP pairs, GBPJPY, GBPAUD and GBPSGD based on relative strength offers contrast for traders who plan to trade GBP outcome.

Next stop Hang Seng Index multi-year resistance at 25000

Expect to see HSI test 25000 shortly. This is a 7-year high, prominent tried and tested resistance. This was a level forecast in 2015 and there is evidence that at least one other level forecast then was followed by the market.