Same trading robot (TAG), different use, different performance

Second set of test results from The Alien Gift (TAG) MT4 Forex Trading Robot by Binni Ong. After a high impact event, semi-auto traded account maintains outperformance against 100% auto.

In my previous post ‘‘The Alien Gift’ forex robot (EA) initial test results‘, I shared screen captures of two different MT4 accounts (live, not demo) that were set up in a virtual private server to test-run ‘The Alien Gift’ forex trading robot.

The first account run by my colleague Binni Ong took a 100% auto-trading approach by taking all signals long and short as and when they appear.

The second account belongs to me. It was set up to run in a semi-auto manner i.e. it was confined to trading very few pairs and took only trade signals that were in line with trend based on my analysis.


Second set of test results from The Alien Gift (TAG)

As an initial test with very short history, there was already a distinct difference in performance. After a minor ‘quake’ 2 nights ago when Fed Chair Yellen delivered her high impact testimony, many open positions in both accounts promptly went into retracement mode which subsequently hit stop loss. These are screencaps of both accounts 12 hours later.


The Alien Gift TAG forex robot test result – 100% auto mode

Note the lower panel showing results for ‘today’ and ‘this week’. More information available through this public link.

The Alien Gift MT4 Forex EA 1a

The Alien Gift MT4 Forex EA auto results


The Alien Gift TAG forex robot test result – semi-auto mode

This is my private account.

The Alien Gift MT4 Forex EA 2

The Alien Gift MT4 Forex EA semi-auto results


Observations, notes

  1. Semi-auto mode with more user-input outperforms 100% auto trading.
  2. The results here are snapshots only. This blip caused by one event is not sufficient enough to indicate trend.
  3. What we see here could be a blip or entirely coincidence but I do think that there are reasons to expect this performance.
  4. The Alien Gift in my opinion works as it was intended to but a trader or robot administrator (LOL new job title) could extract so much more performance/profit from TAG by pressing the right buttons at the right time.


The Alien Gift launched!

Check out The Alien’s Gift (TAG) MT4 Forex Trading Robot or Expert Advisor here

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