We are terminating support for TX Auto Alert

TX users please note this important announcement:

  1. TX Auto Alert will no longer be updated/upgraded with immediate effect.
  2. User support will no longer be provided for users from Tflow® Intakes 1 – 45.
  3. Intakes 46 – 47 will still receive assistance until 31 July 2016.
  4. Reset/change of MT4 account is available for all until end 31 July 2016.
  5. For those who are using TX on demo trading accounts, we recommend you use this period to change to a live trading account.
  6. Anyone who loses his access code will not be provided replacement with immediate effect.
  7. TX Auto Alert will not be made available to new intakes of Tflow® forex course.
  8. Use/access to TX is still available.
  9. There is no need to uninstall it unless you are no longer using.


TX Auto Alert was a learning tool introduced at a time when we did not have the current level of support from the blog as well as social media channels. Without enough interaction and timely update, TX Auto Alert served an important function for users. With the current levels of interaction and material, TX is redundant. It has reached the end of its useful life. Support will stop. Use will continue until it is broken by the next big change to MT4.


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