When you use trading indicators without understanding price

We show you what happens when forex traders blindly follow trading signals from indicators when price is in a deep trend mode. Example with EURUSD.


Which comes first? Price action or indicator signal?

Had a chat with a new student who dropped by the office yesterday. He asked me what I felt about indicators like RSI. I think they are great but only when is using them correctly.

I would like to share the following:

  1. Indicators are mostly derived from price and/or volume.
  2. I prefer to look at raw price then something produced by price.
  3. Many individuals operate trading indicators and following their signals without fully comprehending their construct and how they should be interpreted.
  4. As an negative example, a common myth or mis-use of an indicator like RSI is this: when RSI goes into ‘oversold’, it is going to reverse and therefore one should buy.

Some examples below.


EURUSD daily chart with RSI

EURUSD daily chart with month-month boxes

EURUSD daily chart with month-month boxes

If one followed trade signals from RSI based on the ‘oversold = buy’ myth, one would have committed the mistake of predicting bottom for EURUSD a few times while missing the chance  to make money by riding this EURUSD down trend fully.


EURUSD daily chart with Stochastic Oscillator

EURUSD daily chart with Stochastic Oscillator

EURUSD daily chart with Stochastic Oscillator

The same kind of mistake happens with Stochastic Oscillator – another trading indicator that is as popular as RSI.


Price always comes first with Tflow® Forex Strategy

EURUSD painted with month-month price action

Price always comes first with Tflow®’s forex strategy

A forex trader who learns to look at price action only, in this case applying one of Tflow®’s forex strategy of applying boxes to look at month-month trend, would know immediately that EURUSD is down. In fact we have never made the mistake of trying to buy EURUSD based on the belief that it is oversold.

This article ‘Why I believe EURUSD will go to 1.25 and even lower‘ documents how we start selling EURUSD as early as September last year and how we are still looking to sell EURUSD at this moment.





Learn a forex strategy and understand it fully

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