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STI back to 3300 but could be pullback in downtrend

Straits Times Index pulled back to challenge 3300 but technical setup suggests downtrend started. There is a confluence of overhead resistance to overcome including A) 3300 B) Fib-R levels and C) downtrending equidistant channel.

Straits Times Index finds support; potential support levels below

Straits Times Index is supported by a confluence of technical studies for now. We project potential support levels it can reach in a deeper correction. Projection places 2970 - 3050 as a zone to evaluate the technical picture again.

EURUSD technical picture suggests move to 1.3050

Technical picture provides 3 clues that suggest EURUSD may go to 1.305: 1) downward equidistant channel 2) significant 50% Fib-R support not reached yet and 3) pennant chart pattern that points to continuation.

3 reasons to be bearish USDSGD; another bull trap exposed

There are three strong reasons to expect USDSGD to continue trending downwards: 1) 4-year consolidation 2) downward channel 3) multiple month trend. In addition we spot another bull-trap (#3) as well as point out levels to expect a signal.

What we missed with this AUDUSD trade; what levels to watch

We were bullish AUDUSD prior to high impact news. Data miss triggered stops. We look at what we missed and supports to look out for.

A chart pattern I see may transform into another: what should I do?

This GBPJPY head and shoulders chart pattern is in danger of becoming invalid, the right shoulder is changing. Which trading rules to apply?

How to use confluence zones when we trade: finding a good price level

We talk about the definition of Confluence Zones and why they exist. Then we offer some simple tips for using and finding them.

Gold Technical Analysis May 2013: downward momentum not over

I am looking for clues from gold technical analysis to determine if the precious metal is reversing. At moment, bulls should not expect much.

EURUSD – is that move finally here?

EURUSD has been consolidating for 3 weeks. A consolidation pattern spanning over such a significant period will most likely result in a more significant movement. Is price going to move after the consolidation? When will this consolidation be over so that a trader can change explosive movement? Protected Post, only for Tflow students. Log in to

Why AUDUSD is the star trade and how we spotted it’s weakness

Planning trade at higher time frames I like to look at big picture, especially daily, weekly, monthly chart for planning. Once I set my mind on the levels and directions, I will stick to it. First talked about AUDUSD one month ago in twitter.   $audusd weekly chart big picture planning twitpic.com/cji1bo — TerraSeeds FX Tflow®