TerraSeeds, OnlineForexMaster placed among Top 100 Forex

Feedspot.com places TerraSeeds.com and OnlineForexMaster.com in 'Top 100 Forex Blogs & Websites For Foreign Exchange Traders & Brokers' in spots #64 and #61 based on social signals.

How Singapore’s GDP compares to China’s ’1 trillion RMB club’

China has 12 cities that has GDP numbers in Singapore's league. While Singapore GDP growth is doing a stately 1.8%, this Chinese cities are growing in excess of 6%.

Time-tested technical reason stock indices did not collapse yet

I would like to offer one time-tested technical reason why stock indices did not repeat Jan 2016's global crash like any investors feared last month. By setting up a single moving average line, I make some observations of previous price action for S&P500, Straits Times Index, NASDAQ 100 and NZX 50.

Things you might not know about these 4 stock market indices

Did you fully understand what you are doing when you trade these 4 stock market Indices NASDAQ 100/Composite, TAIEX/MSCI Taiwan, ASX200 and FTSE China A50?

MACD: Learn to Recognize Trade Setups

Elliott Wave International shows us how MACD patterns can support Elliott wave analysis. 10-minute educational video from Trader's Classroom looks at examples in Pfizer (PFE) and Intel Corp (INTC).

Jump or fade? Breakout signals/triggers in forex market

Breakout trades explained. We discuss breakouts as a trade signal/trigger, why there are two strategies: to jump a breakout or to fade or trade against one.