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Currency pairs discussed and traded

These are currency pairs that we officially cover in our discussion since Week 14.

With the exception of WTI which hasn’t moved yet, the other 4 currency pairs are now deep in the money with 100+pips gain. I am happy to also say that there were ZERO losing trades so far.

Caught and winning money


Pending results

  1. WTI

Missed or no setup yet



Some of which we shared our direction on social media






Report card

Happy to share some report cards sent in by our community.






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Next Seminar and Course Dates (Apr/May 2015)

Next Seminar and Course Dates (Apr/May 2015)


Updated 18 April 2015

Forex pairEntryStop lossTarget profitCurrent/ Pips gainedRemarks
GBPUSD1.47851.4693 (shifted on 13 Apr to TP1+40)TP1, TP2 - see chart.
As of 10 Apr 5pm, TP1 hit for 132 pips gain. [1] [2]
Closed. TP 1 132 pips.
Remaining position stopped with 92 pips gain.
WTI50.9053.70 (midpoint of 1YH, 2YL, see chart)See chart.Closed. Stopped loss 280 ticks.Lose.
USDJPY120.257119.37 (updated 20 Apr).See chart.Closed. TP 1 reached - gain 146 pips. Remainder closed by SL at 119.37 with 88.7 pips gain.Win.
AUDUSD0.7654(shifted on 13 Apr to TP1+40)See chart.Closed. TP1 gain 70 pips. Remaining position stopped with 30 pips gain.Win.
AUDUSD0.7670(shifted on 13 Apr to TP1+40)TP1 TP2, TP3 - see chart. As of 13 Apr 1.50pm, TP1 hit for 86 pips gain. [1]Closed. TP1 gain 86 pips.
Remaining position stopped with 46 pips gain.
WTI (added 13 Apr 3.40pm)52.13See aboveSee chart.Closed. Stopped loss 157 ticks.Lose.


Other results

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