Week 38 forex trading performance: 5 winning trades > 449 pips

6 high impact news that could derail our trades

Week 38 was a very busy and exciting week for our Tflow® students as we were anticipating the pieces of high impact news listed below which could have a large impact on the market.

  • Scottish Referendum for Independence
  • FOMC
  • BOJ Statement
  • Fed Chairman Yellen speaking
  • SNB Statement
  • LIBOR Rates

In fact, one of our afternoon support class, 4M, was held on 18 Sept 2014, the day when all the news was happening.

With so many drivers for the market, we tweeted out 7 pairs to capitalise this week. These were namely EURUSD, NZDUSD, CADCHF, USDJPY, EURSGD, EURCAD & WTI (Oil). In total, we had 5 winning trades giving us a whopping profit of 449 pips with the remaining 2 trades breaking even.

Week 37 forex trading performance here.

EURUSD: Gained 86 pips, targeting another 100 pips!


NZDUSD: Gained 71 pips to said level


CADCHF: Gained 58 pips


USDJPY: Gained 121 pips to said level all in only 1 day!


EURSGD: Gained us +113pips

Nasty volatility but did not trigger our stop loss level.


EURCAD: Broke even

Did not reach our said levels though it still moved 130 pips in our said direction before turning to trigger our trade management to break even.


WTI: Broke even

Price moved 140 ticks before turning up to trigger our trade management to break even.

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Jerome Lee

Last time, many things that I wanted were just dreams, now I see them as possibilities. I'm looking forward to own pent-house suite in Manhattan overlooking Central Park because forex trading with Tflow® makes it possible. Find me on Google+
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