Week 37 forex trading performance: GBPNZD lost 220 pips

Only position we have this week got stopped out

In week 37, we were only looking at one new trade as we were focused very much on helping our students improve their trading psychology through a series of motivation tweets. We also challenged our students during one 4M class, a support class held in the afternoon, to hold a trade on AUDSGD. You can read more about the challenge and the results in this blog post “80-pip AUDSGD Trading Psychology Challenge“.

Week 36 trading performance here.


GBPNZD: Stopped out at -220pips


To promote further learning, we detailed more about what happened to this trade in a protected blog post especially for our students.


High impact news and closing forex gap

GBPNZD closes forex gap

GBPNZD reversed as Scots poll mood shifted; closes early week forex gap

To large extent, looming Scots Referendum on Independence acted as high impact news – not the usual ‘volatility-for-15-minutes’ like ECB Press Conference but as a slowly-unfolding event that cast a long shadow throughout the whole week. The market opened week’s trading with an across-the-board gap down in GBP crosses but as mood changed quickly, many pairs reversed. We were short GBPNZD as part of trend-following but position turned into loss as as the pair retraced at all and then turned into a reversal that took off in the opposite direction.

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