Forex Trading Performance Wk 30 Lost 14 pips 50% Winning Trades

Winning trade that contributed to our forex trading performance was GBPUSD and CADJPY

Trading Notes:

1. This is another ‘not good’ trading week. I always believe that it is fine to lose money if everything is within control and my management (basically I am in control of my losses), but it is NOT FINE if the act of losing is not within my control (that is, I’m not at fault for my loss). Encountered serious internet problem due to actions of other people. This resulted in having to manage my positions (that is, to close pre-maturely almost all of my trades) to protect against extreme volatility due to high impact news

2. There are certain key beliefs that I have on trading and money. These beliefs led to principles I practiced and emphasised. One of it was what my grandmother ever said to me: “money is afraid of cold”. The direct translation is 钱怕寒. That’s always the reason why I wanted Tflow® to share their wins and losses in twitter/ with me. It’s also what I meant by positive reinforcement. If the tweet that I twittered resulted in a winning trade, won’t you be more encouraged to work towards it yourself? If other people benefited positively from it, won’t you who didn’t benefitted previously be encouraged to do it too? Well, for whatever appeal I made, I see very little reciprocal.


 3. Have started another twitter thread for my personal use @binniong. I made this thread protected, so only people whom were approved were allowed to follow me. The idea is to have more aggressive trading.  End of the day, I realised this is a bad idea. Because of price movement, sometimes I exited a trade but didn’t manage to update. This is irresponsible. So ‘removed’ some people from this twitter stream. Realised that it caused a lot of negative effect, and it affected me greatly. I start to understand more about certain principles in human psychology

Forex trading performance for Week 30 scored total pips -14 pips

See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • GBPUSD average gained 41 pips
  • USDJPY lost 55 pips
  • CADJPY average gained 45 pips
  • EURJPY average lost 45 pips



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GBPUSD – The losing trade that shouldn’t happen

Have posted my analysis on GBPUSD in protected blog. I like to post my analysis in the blog because it allows students to see clearly what’s in my mind. Here’s the analysis


GBPUSD Average gain 41 pips

USDJPY   – Profit not reached resulted in losses


USDJPY Lost 55 pips

CADJPY – a trade in 4M



CADJPY Average gain 45 pips


EURJPY – A trigger only in lower timeframe




EURJPY Average loss 45 pips


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