Forex Trading Performance Wk 28 Gained 107 pips 50% Winning Trades

Winning trade that contributed to our forex trading performance was to WTI and EURNZD

Trading Notes:

1. It’s increasingly difficult to get students to share their pips win. I explained many times, that pips win is a source of motivation, which I have observed many students getting motivated after seeing others win. But since I have decided to ‘talk to myself’, I still welcome pips win and loss, but am greatly appreciative if students share their progress and outcome

2. Another tough week. Must really treasure weeks when the market is easy to trade. Many trades missed target level and had to shift to break even or incurred slight losses. It is always painful to see gains turned to losses

3. Whenever I reviewed my trades, I start to see recurring patterns in my decision making. Sometimes for trades which I missed, I often wonder why didn’t I see that trade at that point of time. If only I saw it….


Forex trading performance for Week 28 scored total pips 107 pips

See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • NZDUSD lost 85 pips
  • WTI No Trigger No Trade
  • WTI gained 130 pips
  • USDJPY nett gained 50 pips
  • EURNZD gained 130 pips
  • EURAUD lost 98 pips
  • XAUUSD lost 20 pips

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NZDUSD – The first losing trade  this week



NZDUSD lost 92 pips

WTI – another no trigger trade



Another trade on WTI that trades on price level




WTI Gained 130 pips


USDJPY – protected blog post trade

 This trade is one of the trades that I bit tightly and never give up, even I was stopped out once! 



USDJPY gained 50 pips







EURNZD gained 130 pips


EURAUD lost 98 pips





Xauusd lost 20 pips


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