Winning trades with a winning forex strategy: results in last 12 hours

Results of winning trades tweeted by members of this community in last 12-hours

In no particular order, does not include private tweets.



The very good thing now is we are seeing more individuals come forward which we hope will infect others to share.


And the winning forex strategy?

TerraSeeds Forex Tflow®. We are starting a new round of previews to recruit for the next intake. Come listen to us and ask us all about forex trading and trading with Tflow® forex strategy.

What is Tflow® and is it suitable for any forex trader? This page may be the most direct explanation of Tflow® for you.

See here also for a list of our trading performance and trading testimonials.

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Soh Tiong Hum is Director of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. TerraSeeds is a trading educator in Singapore since 2005. Soh Tiong Hum is a member and regular speaker at Technical Analysts Society Singapore events and has a bi-monthly lunch time event at IG Singapore on forex and stock markets. He is an avid blogger on technical analysis topics; his Twitter account @sohtionghum was ranked #23 out of The Top 70 Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2015 by MahiFX. Come find Tiong Hum on Google+
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