Forex Trading Performance Wk 22 Gained 682 pips 80% Winning trades

Trading Notes:

1. I have decided to put trading notes to the top of the post because think that this is very important to note my trading thoughts and psychology. Most often, many traders failed because of their psychology – this is a hard to accept truth though

2. Many would wonder – if I’m trading full time, why are my trades so little? To let you know my trading style, I’m this type of trader:

  • Hate to lose, but cut loss without the blink of my eye
  • So, I plan my trade carefully. It is not about planning, all my trades are carefully analysed and filtered so that I trade only the best
  • I have few trades, but these trades are high probability trades
  • Each trade has a high winning pips
  • If it’s wrong, I will definitely cut loss fast
  • AND I don’t trade when I”m emotionally not well. But most of the time, I’m happy so most of the time I trade

Winning trades that contributed to our forex trading performance was USD crosses

Forex trading performance for Week 22 scored total pips 682 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • USDJPY gained 45 pips
  • CHFJPY average gained 77 pips
  • XAUUSD lost 70 pips
  • AUDUSD gained 200 pips
  • GBPNZD gained 430 pips

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A good trader remembers key levels, what he/she traded

Tflow® is about price action. Is price action about support/resistance? This is one question I received from many people asking about what is Tflow®. They said that they know about support and resistance  already. I often wondered: Support and resistance is the grandfather of all methods. This is the basis of trading. So I wonder how much one knows. In Tflow® we use BOX Theory to determine support resistance that’s never wavered.


Usdjpy gained 45 pips









CHFJPY avg gained 77 pips



XAUUSD – Gold – the worse is to be caught in a consolidation




Gold Xauusd lost 70 pips


AUDUSD – time to ride the trend

Nothing is very low or very high. Always expect a trend to continue instead of hunting for reversal.









AUDUSD gained 200 pips

Big Picture Planning in GBPNZD – higher timeframe chart gives highest probability



GBPNZD average gained 430 pips

  And thanks too all our students tweet  




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