Forex Trading Performance Wk 21 Gained 360 pips 75% Winning trades

Winning trades that contributed to our forex trading performance was USD crosses

Forex trading performance for Week 21 scored total pips 360 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • WTI no trigger no trade
  • USDCAD average gained 85 pips
  • USDCHF gained 130 pips 
  • GBPAUD average gain 145 pips


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Reinforcing No Trigger No Trade

Many new traders are always eager to trade. Even experience traders are sometimes tempted to trade too. Tflow® emphasises on “No trigger no trade”. We wanted explosive trade where trade can concluded fast.





No trigger No trade


USDCAD –   Trading CAD data – an explosive trade





Usdcad average gain 85 pips


USDCHF – said level reached nicely




Usdchf gained 130 pips

AUDUSD – Tflow® is about trading a BIG MOVE



A big move on AUDUSD riding through 500 plus pips

We will not count this trade to our trade results this week, but just wanted to share the principle behind Tflow® and how we trade



GBPAUD – 4M live trade



Gbpaud average gain 145 pips




Trading Notes:

1. This week is a very good learning experience to reinforce box theory. I shorted AUDUSD at around 1.0160 and continue to INSIST on shorting it down. There is really no point to apply our opinion to the market and think that price will move this way or that way. Just trust the boxes.


Follow the boxes (a proprietary technique)



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