Forex Trading Performance Wk 19 Gained 831 pips 100% Winning trades

Winning trades that contributed to our forex trading performance was USDJPY, EURUSD

This trade review about how I placed trades and make money from trading Tflow®  is started with support to our students in mind. I wanted to let students REINFORCE how each time we placed trades and why sticking to rules and trade management is important.  As long as market is moving, students who are trading with TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® love it.

There is NO such things as a Forex Strategy or Method that can always make money. To deliver a superb forex trading performance, we have to be mindful of trade management and money management. Keep winners, rid losers. 

Note that these are trades told in twitter BEFORE trades happened. So I attached twitter dialogue to let you see how each trades is executed. Most important to non-Tflow® students to see the power of Tflow® and take charge of your money with forex trading using Tflow®.

Forex trading performance for Week 19 scored total pips 831 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • NZDUSD gained 114 pips
  • USDJPY average gained 332 pips
  • EURUSD average gained 150 pips
  • AUDUSD gained 235 pips


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NZDUSD – using more protected blog to provide analysis for Tflow® students

This week, I started to have more protected blog post for students. I like to provide in detail my analysis so that all Tflow® students could see exactly what I’m thinking and I could impart my experiences to them. This is also the trade that made David turned around in his trading.





nzdusd gained 114 pips


USDJPY – Importance of our support 4M class – it is to realign your thoughts and reinforce your conviction

In my opinion, USDJPY has stunning performance, not only in term of the number of pips earned, but also on the timing. This is what I love Tflow® – we only ask for explosive trade. I was getting for a bullish movement, but for many days did not have a trigger. Doesn’t matter as I don’t put my money in the market.








USDJPY average gain 332 pips


Final Predicted levels in USDJPY




XAUUSD – again illustrating the need for strict discipline “No trigger No trade”

This trade has no trigger, therefore, there was no trade!



EURUSD – another wonderful trade in protected blog

This was a trade I guided on a step by step for students. First price broke up (which was a movement out of triangle) and subsequently how the trade evolved into a Tflow® trade.  Doing a Tflow® course doesn’t stop with all the knowledge that you gained. There’s also this privileged support that we are providing.




EURUSD average gained 150 pips


AUDUSD – did i say it will be below parity? And it came true!

It is not surprising for AUDUSD to dive below parity. This post explains why AUDUSD will be below parity and it can already be predicted. Here are my tweets much earlier suggesting that AUDUSD will trade below parity (1.0000)




AUDUSD gained 235 pips

Trading Notes:

1. This week, I’ve made 4 trades. Is that a lot? Probably to scalpers, that’s little. But these trades are made with careful planning and most important, I only have to take care of 4 trades (not 40 trades). What’s more important, these are profitable trades! I asked myself, 10 years later, if my eyesight is not that good, if my hands not that nimble, will I want to live the life of a scalpers (e.g. one week 40-50 trades, 1 day 8-10 trades)?

2. This is also the week where I recorded 2 trades in detail in protected blog (only accessible to Tflow® students). These trades are explained in detail denoting exactly how I approach a trade, how I think. Of course, these are again profitable stunning trades. Time and tide wait for no man. Keep watching these profitable trades.

3. Today while I was doing this trade review (it’s like a diary to me), I went through all the tweets I’ve made, recap my thoughts and try to reinforce what I should do/what I should not do.  I remembered when I first started this trade review, there were quite many enthusiastic students who sent me their trade diaries too. I looked at them everytime I received. But did not manage to comment on all (only those who are in the danger zone). Slowly I received less and less trade diaries. Students can just stop sending without letting me know. Well, it is their trade diaries after all.


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