Forex Trading Performance Wk 18 Gained 192 pips 60% Winning trades

Winning trades that contributed to our forex trading performance was GBPUSD and OIL

This trade review about how I placed trades and make money from trading Tflow®  is started with support to our students in mind. I wanted to let students REINFORCE how each time we placed trades and why sticking to rules and trade management is important.  As long as market is moving, students who are trading with TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® love it.

There is NO such things as a Forex Strategy or Method that can always make money. To deliver a superb forex trading performance, we have to be mindful of trade management and money management. Keep winners, rid losers. 

Note that these are trades told in twitter BEFORE trades happened. So I attached twitter dialogue to let you see how each trades is executed. Most important to non-Tflow® students to see the power of Tflow® and take charge of your money with forex trading using Tflow®.


Forex trading performance for Week 18 scored total pips 192 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • GBPUSD gained 107 pips
  • WTI gained 120 pips
  • NZDUSD gained 54 pips average
  • EURUSD lost 84 pips
  • CADCHF lost 5 pips


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GBPUSD – Trade after a Bullish Expansion





GBPUSD gained 107 pips


WTI (Oil) – That box expansion reveals market dynamics




WTI gained 120 pips

  NZDUSD – A trade on TX Auto Alert with Box Analysis




NZDUSD gained 54 pips average

  EURUSD – what’s the point for earlier entry – good lesson


EURUSD lost 84 pips


CADCHF – tight trade management  


Trading Notes:

1. I had very little trades this week. In fact, the time that I remained in office or awake gets lesser. My morning sickness was worse this week. Decided to even close some of my winning trades because I can’t concentrate very well. Jokingly, I even mused making the toilet my trading station because this is the only way that I don’t need to run to and fro every 15 minutes


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