Forex Trading Performance Wk 12 Gained 285 pips Winning trades 55.5%

Winning trades that determines our forex trading performance were EUR, GBP, JPY

This trade review about how I placed trades and make money from trading Tflow®  is started with support our students in mind. I wanted to let students REINFORCE how each time we placed trades and why sticking to rules and trade management is important.  As long as market is moving, students who are trading with TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® love it.

There is NO such things as a Forex Strategy or Method that can always make money. To deliver a superb forex trading performance, we have to be mindful of trade management and money management. Keep winners, rid losers. 

Note that these are trades told in twitter BEFORE trades happened. So I attached twitter dialogue to let you see how each trades is executed. Most important to non-Tflow® students to see the power of Tflow® and take charge of your money with forex trading using Tflow®.

Forex trading performance for Week 12 scored total pips 285 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.


  • CADCHF lost 31 pips
  • USDCAD lost 13 pips
  • AUDNZD lost 65 pips
  • EURGBP gained 19 pips
  • EURAUD gained 75 pips
  • EURJPY gained 156 pips
  • CHFJPY gained 87 pips
  • USDJPY gained 90 pips
  • USDCAD lost 33 pips


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Profiting from Cyprus Event – Gapped down in EUR

Potential customers who came for our Free Forex Seminar asked – can we trade when there is a pending news. Yes we do. Cyprus event is an example. And we traded on many events whether is Greece or US Financial Crisis. The EURGBP trade was counted as last week profit (so will not be recorded this week), although most trades were squared this week with more profits.

My secrets to making these pips? I said it all in the tweets


There is really no secret in making money in forex trading. I stick and bite these levels till dead. And I stick to my trade plan. And I NEVER RUN AWAY FROM A WINNING TRADE. And I RUN FAST FROM A LOSING TRADE. Repeat 3 times. 

Trading CAD data


cadchf lost 31 pips




usdcad lost 13 pips

  Trend Continuation on AUDNZD – trend continuation will only be wrong 20% of the time



Audnzd lost 65 pips


 Trend continuation on EUR




EURGBP gained 19 pips






euraud gained 75 pips






EURJPY gained 156 pips





CHFJPY average gained 87 pips



USDJPY gained 90 pips

Don’t ever change views unnecessarily – the market is full of noises




USDCAD lost 33 pips

Trading Notes: 

I decided to close some of my winning positions ahead of reaching target profit (which is unlike my style) because I will be going on a holiday. Otherwise, the pips gained to each trade would be much more.

See last week’s forex trading performance Gained 551 pips

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