Forex Trading Performance Wk 11 Gained 551 pips Winning trades 87.5%

Winning trades that determines our forex trading performance were JPY, SGD, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD

I have to catch up withe trade review on winning trades and losing trades, especially when these review will help Tflow® students reinforce how we placed trades.  As long as market is moving, students who are trading with TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® love it.

There is NO such things as a Forex Strategy or Method that can always make money. To win consistently, we have to mindful of trade management and money management. Keep winners, rid losers. 

Note that these are trades told in twitter BEFORE trades happened. So I attached twitter dialogue to let you see how each trades is executed. Most important to non-Tflow® students to see the power of Tflow® and take charge of your money with forex trading using Tflow®.

Forex trading performance for Week 10 scored total pips 551 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.


  • AUDUSD  gained 90 pips
  • AUDNZD gained 155 pips average
  • AUDSGD gained 160 pips
  • EURGBP average gained 104 pips
  • EURUSD average gained 88 pips
  • GBPJPY average gained 161 pips
  • USDJPY lost 40 pips
  • GBPNZD average gained 58 pips


I emphasise there were 7 out of 8 winning trades

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Never forget a trade that you planned before; trade your plan AUDUSD, AUDNZD, AUDSGD

I posted a chart on AUDUSD saying that it was at a support. Everyday I look at AUDUSD for a signal to buy. And my effort not wasted


audusd average gained 90 pips


Because of my bullishness in AUDUSD, I traded also other Aussie related crosses AUDSGD and AUDNZD


audnzd gained average 155pips




audsgd gained 160 pips

Why go against the trend? Why predict potential reversal zone? Trend is your best friend, don’t forget – why so many winning trades on JPY crosses

This was the results of JPY crosses trade. There were recorded last week, therefore, will not be recorded in this week results

  • USDJPY gained 275 pips
  • EURJPY gained 279 pips
  • CADJPY gained 225 pips


EURGBP short, predicting a reversal in EUR and strengthening in GBP the Tflow® way 

I have tweeted in many tweets about pending technical rebound in GBP, thus paving the way for a weakening EURGBP





And not forgetting that we predicted also the price level that this fall likely to stop


eurgbp gained 104 average

eurgbp gained 104 average

EURUSD stick to trend – don’t predict potential reversal

If you don’t feel good about a trade, don’t trade – case study USDJPY

So, no trade was opened on 13 March on all JPY crosses, even though I was still bullish about it.

When the right opportunity strikes, take it – case study from GBPJPY and EURJPY




gbpjpy gained 161 pips average

First loss this week; luckily I have already downsize because of my consecutive wins


usdjpy loss 40 pips


Reversal trade on GBPNZD – buying on temporary GBP rebound

Said about this trade in Forex Live hands on class.


gbpnzd gained 58 pips


I was late in this review as went for a short holiday. Again, I knew that this week was a positive week and the week after also a positive week (note that I did this review 2 weeks later).

So far, we were positive every week starting 2013. Let’s keep it up

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