Review TerraSeeds Forex Trading Performance Week 10 Gained 939 pips

Drivers for our forex trading performance this week were JPY, SGD, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD

This week is wonderful in terms of forex trading performance for me and Tflow® students again, especially when we traded on few high impact news and got it right!  As long as market is moving, students who are trading with TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® love it.

There is NO such things as a Forex Trading Strategy or Method that can always make money. To win consistently, we have to mindful of trade management and money management. Keep winners, rid losers. 

Note that these are trades told in twitter BEFORE trades happened. So I attached twitter dialogue to let you see how each trades is executed. Most important to non-Tflow® students to see the power of Tflow® and take charge of your money with forex trading using Tflow®. 

Forex trading performance for Week 10 scored total pips 939 pips. See breakdown and explanation of trades below.

  • USDSGD  gained 28 pips
  • AUDNZD gained 81 pips
  • USDCHF gained 44 pips average
  • USDCAD average gained 20 pips
  • EURUSD lost 13 pips
  • USDJPY gained 275 pips
  • EURJPY gained 279 pips
  • CADJPY gained 225 pips

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Live in Tflow® Intake 32 students – the trade on USDSGD

I hardly  trade USDSGD because the daily range is small (about 50 pips). But it is a good thing if you think from another point of view – the loss will be small too (about 50 pips). 

Analysed this trade with Tflow® latest Intake live in class.

Results? Price gapped up!!!



usdsgd gained 28 pips


Update on Oil (WTI) trade

I first called for Oil (WTI) sell when Oil was 93.50. From my average short price to my final target profit (which I exited for my last batch), that was a 300 pips movement. However, I won’t be recording the extra pips into this week performance as the entry was done last week.



WTI highest gain is 300 pips

Trading RBA Cash Rate and Rate Statement; Positioning for a potential Buy in AUD

Many times, I heard potential students asked if Tflow® can be use to trade news. The answer is definitely yes. If we don’t trade during data announcement times, then we don’t have much in-between time to trade. Don’t forget news happens everyday, every hour.

I first mentioned that AUDUSD at support, that’s when I was interested in buying AUDUSD in line with daily support

There was no trades on AUDUSD, but went long on AUDNZD on a reversal trade.


AUDNZD gained 81 pips


Trend is my friend; Predict Reversal will only get 20% right of the time


USDCHF average 44 pips


EURUSD loss 13 pips

EURUSD loss 13 pips

Trading High impact news Canadian Dollars




Still following trend, that’s the easiest to make money – USDJPY


In fact I made lots of pips on the USDJPY trade because I held on till movement is exhausted


usdjpy gained 275 pips


–> Power of Tflow® Boxes, in fact JPY crosses made my week so well!


eurjpy gained 279 pips


cadjpy gained 225 pips

Thoughts of the week

I happy to be featured in as a working + stay at home mom. Most important I enjoyed what I’m doing now. Trading is my passion, my source of money. My son is my everything.


Winning tips

Many Tflow® students see these tweets as tips. Please don’t think this way. Use these tweets to see how I execute, position, and manage a trade. I don’t have 100% winning trades, but if you see my record, I always make sure each trade is a win (and I like to ride the maximum) or each trade will end up break even or minimum loss. I never let my losses overrun and I always cut my losses according to my rule.

You ask me why I have such high accuracy and reward to risk fact – that’s because I follow few rules:

1. Execute only when there is a Tflow® trigger on close

2. Follow Tflow® Boxesand NEVER predict a turning point

3. Always wait for expansion to happen before attempting reversal trade, otherwise always assume the prior direction of boxes

If you are still getting 15-21 pips each trade and making a potential loss of same amount, do note that your trading style will not be sustainable in long run.

We trade to free ourselves, not to bind ourselves to the screen for little pips! 

Lastly…..patience is key to winning


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