USDSGD short term price action gaining resistance-support zone

USDSGD pair meeting major resistance-support zone

Following rally in January, USDSGD has run into a resistance-support zone that has been in play as early as November 2011. This is a major zone considering that price action has test this region at least 4 times in that period. If price gains above this level, there is an opportunity to trade a bullish reversal.


USDSGD stands to make a bullish reversal when price crosses this resistance-support zone

Long term consolidation, no reversal pattern

Still, bulls who are aiming for a bullish reversal may be looking at a long shot. After all, when we look at the big picture for a weekly chart, there is no hint of bullish reversal chart pattern emerging. Clearly price action in 2012 was consolidating the 2011 range. In fact several trendline studies indicate that overall trend may be downwards.


USDSGD is consolidating sideways. Trendline studies still indicate downtrend and there is no bullish reversal pattern

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