Earn While U Sleep Stress Free Forex Trading To Make More Money

Make more money from stress free forex trading

A stress free forex trading method help me to make more money from forex trading while juggling being an entrepreneur, investor and mother at the same time.


I’ve spent 17 years to build finally a trading strategy that suit my lifestyle – I don’t like to actively sit in front of the computer screen to watch prices – I like to spend quality time with my family, doing activities that I like.

Therefore, Tflow® is just the perfect method because of its PREDICTIVE nature.

If you like a stress free forex trading method to earn a second income, EARN WHILE U SLEEP (EWUS) is just the strategy for you. What is Earn While U Sleep?

EWUS uses active money management and a unique price pattern base on Fibonacci and Elliott Wave.

With EWUS, we caught again a trade with NZDJPY just 5 pips from the lowest point.

I placed two orders on 4th Oct 2010 queuing to long NZDJPY.  On 5th Oct 2010 afternoon, I was only triggered on one order. It’s ok – because I got my trade 5 pips away from the low. When I finally manage to get near my PC after lunch, I was pleasantly surprised – profited about 50 pips immediately with risk of only 10 pips!

That was a really sumptuous lunch! Trade was triggered at 11.30am 5th Oct 2010. See below the blue arrow showing exactly where the broker automatically triggered the trade. Trade now is running at 100 pips profit and some legs have been closed to lock in money.


Predictive technique contributes to stress free forex trading

Tflow® being a predictive technique is capable of executing a stress free, without monitoring type of trade with active money management. It’s ideal for people who are working full time or occupied with other things yet want to have a second income.

I have also shared this EWUS trade with Tflow® students on 4th Oct 2010 at about 8.30pm – one day before the trade was triggered.

Earn while u sleep

Well, as I told you, we are able to predict prices.

If you are interested to find out more about how to trade EWUS, do join me in the coming Free Currency Trading Seminar.


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