Draw your own conclusions on XAUUSD

XAUUSD has all the signs of a bullish reversal on the weekly chart including golden cross and new 52-week high. Despite a killer retracement, price is now sitting on support of a rising equidistant channel.

What is worrying Singaporean stock investors?

There is an expansion in online search for 'stock crash' in Google Trends. What is the reason investor psychology is turning towards anxiety?

These 2 Debt Instruments Pose Peril to Millions of Investors

Investors should pay close attention to this development, because this is exactly what happened before the 2007-2009 financial crisis. This might well be the time to play it safe.

Simple free charting solution for H-Shares

A simple charting solution for retail investors who want to invest in H-shares. H-shares are accessible to foreign investors through HKEX and can be found on Investing.com's free browser-based interactive charting platform.

Forex traders it’s not your fault the market is constipated!

Experienced traders tell me that this year is different, that the forex market is very difficult. These few charts may just be the picture to visualise the kind of trading we are going through this year. Besides EURUSD and GBP, I discuss slippage, different broker price feeds.

Winning psychology to watch/benefit from this HSI trade signal

Either it is human nature or a grand plan put in place by Aliens/Masters of the Universe, markets end up repeating the same price action. If you can see it repeating, master it, then wealth and success that comes with it will open it's doors to you. HSI prints a price pattern that has all

Looking at multiple time frame trend analysis with XAUUSD

XAUUSD case study that tackles one of most fundamental but confusing concept in trading - multiple time frame analysis. This post covers concept, provides example and then give tips for application.