XLE, Natgas, DIA and WTI signalling something?

4 charts that says something is brewing. If the signals are true, XLE is a leading indicator which we will see some WTI, index moves in the near future.

AUDUSD, AUDCAD and AUDJPY observations

Pointing out some observations of AUDUSD, AUDCAD and AUDJPY, price reaction to significant levels. Additionally note AUDJPY can be a prediction for Asian stock indices.

Another example of a forex relative strength overlay

I look at concept of relative strength between currencies over a duration and how traders can overlay forex pairs to pick the winning trade. This is an example that supplements what I have written about this topic 4 weeks ago.

Stock sectors all boom and no gloom; how to use heatmap

Year to date performance of US S&P 500 going strong with sector breakdowns a field of green except 'Energy'. This post covers 'how to use a heatmap for your sector/stock picking'.

How to Easily ID Support and Resistance on Your Charts

6-minute trading video by Jeffrey Kennedy at Trader's Classroom, Elliott Wave International describing how to identify, use historical horizontal supports and resistance levels/zones. Example with Bank of America (BAC) chart.

What Does February Have in Store for EUR/USD?

Upcoming Brexit negotiations, US travel ban, inflation and unemployment data could continue EURUSD uncertainty and volatility throughout February despite touching 1.08.