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Ebola could hit the stock market before it gets here

"Businesses could get hit by an Ebola-economy where non-essential movement is discouraged. It gets worse when governments put 'social-distancing' measures in place. We share a list of SGX-listed stocks most at risk in such an environment."""More


Earn income from currency trading and investing

"What is better than a full-time job that pays well? Why a job that pays well but still gives one the freedom to do the best things in life of course." ""More


Multi-screen trading computers: my own 8-screen setup

"This kind of setup is most used by gamers. Some traders may be more budget conscious but those who want power performance may want to look something that I have: a desktop armed with 2 Geforce graphic cards used for gaming. It gives me maximum graphic performance and connections for 8 monitors."""More


Interview with Rimantas Petrauskas, trader and EA expert

"I do not suggest auto trading myself, unless it is built using proven trading rules that you trust. I have been involved into auto trading for long enough to know that in the long run it will not make profit."""More


STI component stocks: winners and losers at end 3Q 2014

"Straits Times Index gains 3.70%. 17 stocks gain, 13 lost as Olam Intl and Genting Singapore retain their top and bottom positions since 1H."""More


3 ailments that affect traders and simple tips to sit comfortably

"Backaches, wrist strains, sore eyes are common ailments affecting traders who sit long hours. I share some simple tips to keep them at bay in order to trade comfortably."


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